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Meet Doug

Doug Strain, President

Which business are you a part of?
My business is Doug Strain Construction Inc. and I have been a builder, remodeler and developer in Central Oregon for over 24 years.

How did you enter into this field?
The building business was a natural progression from my first job. I started out at the bottom with a large home builder in Alaska and worked my way through the ranks. When I moved to Central Oregon in 1985, I started building homes in Bend and have been in the industry ever since.

Why are you interested in the HDDC?
I believe with the economic downturn it is more important than ever to network, share ideas, and work together in keeping our projects local. I am looking forward to working with other professionals who take their business, client relations and ethics as seriously as I do.

What inspires you?
Nature. I grew up spending most of my time in some of the most beautiful and remote places in Alaska, so I have a unique appreciation for our natural surroundings. I have always been passionate about building and developing to capture the natural surroundings of a home. I enjoy helping create a home that blends the exterior and interior elements in a way that accents both spaces of the home.

What is a unique business story that demonstrates your skills?
I believe our most important and unique business skill is versatility. We employ a hands on approach that allows us to bring the same high quality and cost effectiveness to any project we participate in. We have done everything from large commercial buildings, strip malls, townhomes, to million dollar plus homes, wine rooms and major remodels. Our company has won local, regional, and statewide awards for our projects and we are currently being featured in an article for National Builders Quarterly focusing on our Earth Advantage.

What is the best advice you have given or received?
I drive my workers crazy when I pull out the “There are no problems, only solutions” line. I do honestly believe that in the building industry we can fix anything, and can turn a negative situation into a positive one with the right ideas and hard work.

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