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DIY Stained Concrete

Moss Out as Concrete Stain
by Keith Davis

1. Clean floor of major chunks of stuff. Scrape if necessary. (Doesn't have to be perfect…old drips of paint, etc. are fine)

2. If there are baseboards or walls, apply painter’s tape at bottom. Be ready to repaint.

3. Apply water with bucket and mop. Be sloppy…you will want it very wet. There could be a little standing water, but not too much.

4. Apply Moss Out product (or if it is a large area get a 50lb. bag of Ferrous Sulfate. This is straight Iron…about 31% strength.) Sprinkle semi-evenly on floor and let sit over night.

5. This is the fun part. Mop, mop, mop, mop, mop. Continue this process until you get all particles and most of the residue off.

6. If you want to jazz it up a bit, you can get concrete stains in colors and add this after (or before) Moss Out step. These products are cool, but expensive.

7. Once clean, apply a concrete sealer like Jasco. It looks milky and dries clear and gives the floor a wet look. Apply at least two coats with mop or roller.

8. Once cured about 24 hours you are all done. Remove tape and repaint if necessary.

*Warning: Do a test area first. This is permanent.

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