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Cabin, Guest House, Studio....

Found these listed on Craigslist
just think of the possibilities.....

Cabins for sale

These cabins are for sale and are currently broken down and ready for transport.

(The person that took them down can rebuild them on your property for $1000)

There are 4 cabins available
Each approx. 12' wide by 20' long.

The Porch = 12'X5'
The Front Room = 12'X8'
The Back Room = 12'X7'

Great little camping cabins, come with electrical box, and wiring and baseboard heating. No plumbing.

For more information please e-mail or call the contact information below.

Curtis Coronado
General Manager
The Lodge at Suttle Lake
13300 Hwy 20, Sisters OR 97759
Office: 541.595.2628 ext. 206
Fax: 541.595.2267

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