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Color Guru

Meet Devine Paint's founder, author and color guru, 
Gretchen Schauffler
Friday, September 18th

photo courtesy Devine

"Finding Colors That Sing" presentation 
11 am - 12 pm
Friday, September 18th

Book signing to follow

Before and after with Devine Saffron paint


Suzanne Denning said...

Hi, I am so impressed by the activity of your group. I know it takes effort to put together these options for designers to expand our horizons. I had so hoped to be a part of this group & maybe I will be able to later. (I live in Salem). I am often on the wrong side of the mountain when events come up. I have used Divine paint for a long time & was able to go to a presentation by Gretchen way back when you had to buy paint from her directly. A really great product. She is a fun speaker.

High Desert Design Council said...

Hopefully, our event times will soon coincide with one of your trips over the mountain.
Looking forward to meeting you...