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Field Trip #2

The HDDC's second field trip is tomorrow!

We're catching the GET bus at 4:00 pm
in the Staples parking lot for our ride to
Fox Glassworks and Carla M. Fox's jewelry studio.

For those of you wanting to drive separately,
please contact me for directions.

From Martha Murray's Design Blog:
"Fox Glass Works (FGW) creates custom glass tile for residential and light commercial use. Yes, there is a lot of glass tile available in the mass market now, but nothing like this. FGW has a palette of 73 (soon to be 74) gorgeous, proprietary colors. They fuse their own glass which means the color goes all the way through – it isn’t just painted on the back side. They can create tile in virtually any size or shape desired, including large format. It can be carved, front and back, and “bent” to create a bullnose for edges. Glass tile is appropriate for most design styles, traditional to contemporary and mixes beautifully with other materials – think stone, porcelain, etc."


Carla M. Fox

From the artist's website
"My jewelry reflects this understated aesthetic. Texture layers with color. Diamonds, gemstones, and pearls are used with restraint. Each piece of jewelry holds quiet surprises – gifts to those who seek them out in the details."


click to enlarge mosaics

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