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Can art rejuvenate a town? 

A competition for $449,000 in prize money received over 1200 submissions and re-energized a region in one of the most depressed states in the union, Michigan.

Photo Lori Niedenfuer Cool for The Grand Rapids Press

After 330,000+ votes were cast, "Open Water, no. 24" was named the grand prize winner and $250,000.00 was awarded to the artist, Ran Ortner.

Click here to see other winning entries and read the article

"A generation raised without the awareness of the arts, without the opportunity to experience the arts themselves by making music, making drawings, making poems, is a disenfranchised one.  Art is the essence of who we are and our society is strengthened whenever young people are given the opportunity to directly share this legacy."

~ Micheal Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony Music Director

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