The HDDC hosts professional development seminars, continuing education classes and networking opportunities aimed at elevating sustainable design and creating better lives for ourselves and our neighbors.


A Virtual Makeover

Sustainable Applications: A Green Renovation

Hosted by the High Desert Design Council

Presenters: Mindy Lyman, Jorden Swart, Chelsea Schneider, Cindi O’Neil, Lawrence Schechter and Tom Dumolt

This seminar’s goal is to educate professionals by focusing on the application of sustainability rather than general information about sustainability. Experts on sustainable building, lighting, materials, landscaping, interior design and green certifications & incentives will evaluate an existing home and offer their sustainable solutions and renovation ideas in a way that demonstrates real solutions attendees can use in their own projects. Experts will evaluate and provide suggestions to actual renovation problems with real budgets in mind. Topics will cover “best bang for the buck” solutions, the latest trends in green building and what Central Oregonians have been putting to use. This new twist on the traditional seminar will show real world solutions to green renovation problems and provide attendees with ideas and answers they can use.


Great class!

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Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

While nobody denies that green renovation is both necessary and potentially huge in economic terms, the complexity of the issues involved is likely to continue holding up its development for many years to come. Nevertheless, the change in mindsets provoked by the recession can only be a boon.