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Flying Tigress Field Trip-Recap

Our field trip to Flying Tigress was the best yet! We learned about the labor intensive process involved in making each glazed terra cotta tile (18 steps!). These beautiful high end tiles are worth every penny.

See the slideshow here of the complete tour.

A note from our hostess:

The studio visits are by appointment only. So, if a designer would like to come back and browse more or bring a client, that they must schedule a time with me. This is to ensure quality customer service so that the visitors have my undivided attention. Also it is to ensure our we hit our deadlines. Sometimes we are under the gun getting things into the kiln on time and if we have visitors dropping in unexpectedly during those times, we miss our deadlines which does not usually go over well with me or my customers.

The other Green point I forgot to mention is shipping! Since we are local there is no shipping of the products adding CO2 to the environment (and saves costs). All of our materials are ordered within Oregon so as to also save from excessive shipping.

Again, we really appreciate your visit and support for local artists and businesses. We hope to see you again soon.



P: (541) 388.7923
F: (541) 383.4643

715 SE Business Way, Studio 4
Bend, Oregon 97702

Thanks to Anita Bardizian for taking so many photos, and a big thank you to owner Jacqueline Caudell for providing such an informative tour. We appreciated the lesson, the drinks and appetizers, and most of all, the gift bags you provided for all of us. Thanks for the tiles! They are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone to see how these amazing tiles are made!

Scott Louis Brown said...

I was so disappointed to miss the tour, your slide show is fantastic. Like being there!

Suzanne Denning said...

Thanks so much for the pictures. I really wanted to be there for that tour but I was on the other side of the mountain. It looked like it was a great tour. I think I would like to do somthing by hand like that someday. I know there is a hidden artist of some kind hidden inside me. :>)