The HDDC hosts professional development seminars, continuing education classes and networking opportunities aimed at elevating sustainable design and creating better lives for ourselves and our neighbors.


Today is the day


Suzanne Denning said...

Hi, I was so sorry not to get to take part in this event. How did it go? I am working 5 days a week at my new job. It is really different working retail than working as an independant designer. Lots more resources but so little time to take care of clients like I was able to do before. Keep in touch.

Pizzi+ Thompson said...

Dear HDDC Organizers & Attendees: Philip and I thought you all did a fabulous job of putting together a very informative, fun and inspiring event. Thanks for inviting us to speak. It was great to meet everyone and see long time clients attending. Everyone was so warm, hospitable and helpful. A thousand thanks to designer Charmaine Manley for hosting us with such great panache. Watch here for further updates.