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Saving Grace - Work Party

Thanks to our work party: from left to right, Charmaine Manley, Wells Ashby, John Gibb, Martha Murray, Orit Schwartz, Mindy Lyman, and Patrick Ramirez, (not pictured: Kathy Neal) we got an incredible amount of work done on Friday.

Thanks also to Standard Paint for providing the furniture paint and sprayer, and to both Yolo Colorhouse and Brilliant Environmental Building Products for providing all the wall paint.

Before pictures - here

It is always fun to watch your ideas come to life. Color choices, an idea for a mural - everything comes into play.

Artist John Gibb painting birch trees.

Orit changing the color of frames.
Kathy Neal priming the futons.

Patrick Ramirez started on the kitchen and then graciously offered to use the paint sprayer to paint all the furniture.

Wells Ashby came in the afternoon to help finish painting the kitchen.
Can't wait to start decorating!

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puji said...

Looks great so far! Love the color choices :) and the mural!