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Meet Paula

Paula Cox Perkins
Owner, Interior Designer

Which business are you a part of? 
I am owner of Bezalel Interiors, located in Sisters but soon will be moving to The Cube in Bend. I am an interior designer working in residential and commercial interiors. Bezalel is a Hebrew word and means "in the shadow of God." It is pronounced Bez-a-lel, or if you are Hebrew Betz-a-lel.

How did you enter this field?
I have a BS degree in interior design from Kansas State University. The year I graduated I married my husband, David, and moved to Taiwan. My first interior design job was in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984! One of my first projects was Citi Bank in Taipei. I worked internationally in commercial office design off and on for the next 23 years.

Why are you interested in being a part of the HDDC? 
I like the energy and enthusiasm in this organization and being connected with other creative people. In 2007 we moved from Hong Kong to Sisters and it was a hard adjustment. When I met Charmaine and she invited me to a HDDC event, it felt like a life line to the design world.

What inspires you? 
Good design, outside of the box thinking, sustainable practices, simple lines, colors, people, big cities, traveling.

What is a unique business story that demonstrates your skills? 
I have many stories in my years of living overseas but this one is the most unique. I share this story because it demonstrates my skill in flexibility. In 2006, I designed a Hawaiian restaurant, called the 'Aloha Diner' in Wu Han, China, located in a French speaking community. I made one trip to Wu Han and did the space planning, designed the soda fountain counter, selected materials, colors, and offered some general design ideas. Then I went back to Hong Kong, where I lived at the time. The owners took my designs and ideas and ran with them. They hired a local contractor, who changed my selections due to budget, and several teams from the States came with their ideas to complete the build out. There were many hands in the design process but the owners loved the final outcome and that's all that counts!

What is the best advice you have given or received? 
Be yourself.

The Aloha Diner in Wu Han, China.

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bend painting said...

I really like the name of your company, "Bezalel Interiors". It's nice to see someone so inspired by spiritual things.