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Meet Susan

Which business are you a part of?
Tumalo Art Co. — a Fine Art Gallery

How did you enter this field?
I am an artist who has grouped together with other artists to create an artist-run collective fine art gallery. I am the "owner" and have been at the helm for 6 years. TAC will be having it's 10 year anniversary in 2011. I was a graphic artist working in advertising for 30 years and have found that experience to be very useful as an artist....I do all of the PR and advertising for the gallery as well.

Why are you interested in being a part of the HDDC?
TAC's stable of fine artists are some of the best in the northwest and we would like to be able to familiarize industry professionals about what is available right here in Central Oregon to fulfill the fine art needs on their projects.

What inspires you?
As an artist painting in soft pastel and acrylic, I paint the landscape both under the water (native fish), the land and the sky (native birds)—so, what inspires me is the Central Oregon landscape, it's wild variety and amazing light.

Overall I would say most of the Tumalo Art Co. artists paint the landscape in some form. Their styles range from representational to impressionistic to abstract. We also have fabulous 3D artists, whose work draws from wildlife and nature.

What is a unique business story that demonstrates your skills?
A couple of years ago I was asked by a Portland Art Rep to paint a triptych with 3, 5' x 2' panels for the lobby of the ODS offices in the new building in the Old Mill District, based on a painting she liked of mine showing a blackbird in a tree with fruit. Here is a photo of those paintings installed in the office. Really exciting to see how well the art complimented the room.

As a group, Tumalo Art Co. artists supply many options for commissioned artwork for specific locations, including large canvas giclee's.

What is the best advice you have given or received?
Don't give up, follow your gut and your heart and stick to your passion.

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