The HDDC hosts professional development seminars, continuing education classes and networking opportunities aimed at elevating sustainable design and creating better lives for ourselves and our neighbors.


Wine and Design Guidelines

Hosting a Wine & Design with the HDDC

Current membership status with the High Desert Design Council

What to expect
Wine & Design networking events have been a very successful way to garner interest in both your business and the HDDC. On average, 20+ people from the design industry attend these events. The buzz created through social media, e-mail blasts and word of mouth has proved beneficial to past hosts.

How they work
Plan on starting the Wine & Design at 5:00 pm. We’ve found if the events start too late, people go home after work and don’t leave again. Allow a minimum 45 minutes at beginning for networking. Opening comments (given by an HDDC board member & host) and presentation (15 min. minimum) should then take place. Please remember that the HDDC is committed to sustainability. Presentations focusing on sustainable products/services are encouraged.

HDDC policy is not to charge for these events. We’re offering the first two Wine & Design events free to non-members, after that we ask they join the HDDC.

The HDDC will provide event flyers, e-blasts, social media posts, registration, nametags and a warm body to greet people.

“We like doing door prizes when we do an event:
It is a good way to gather business cards because many people don’t sign in and it is fun and creates a little excitement.”
– Mari Latimer, Classic Coverings

Another fun idea would be having a 50/50 raffle. Attendees would buy tickets for $1, half the proceeds would go to a charity of the hosts’ choice; the other half would go to the winner of the raffle.

Presentation advice
One-15 minute presentation is optimum. In a co-hosted event, 2 presentations are ok, but keep entire presentation time to 20 minutes. Stay focused on a topic of an educational nature, not selling a specific business. People should learn something, not just be sold to. This is an important requirement of the HDDC. Allow an additional 5 – 10 minutes for questions.

Estimated cost for food and drink varies depending on the type of event you’d like to have.

$200-$400. This price range would provide simple snacks and some wine/beer purchased at local grocery stores, chips and salsa, cheese tray, fruit, etc.
This would probably not include a wine/drink server or hot dishes. You could plan to only use cocktail napkins, reducing the need for plates/forks (think green!)

$400-$600. This price range may get you cold and hot dishes and from a local restaurant/caterer, possibly with a server. Plates, forks, cups & napkins will probably be necessary.

* The HDDC encourages hosts to ask guests to bring their own wine or beer glass to reduce waste.

We encourage co-sponsorship as a way to help with event costs. The following is a sample letter for potential co-sponsors.

Dear So&So,

I spoke to you concerning sponsorship of our upcoming HDDC Wine and
Design and I think you would be a great fit and get some good business
benefit from the event.

Here are the details:

It will be located at _________ . The event will be on _____ from
5:00-7:00. We expect approximately 30 interior designers and industry
partners to attend the event.

We are looking for one business to co-sponsor the event. This
co-sponsorship will include a 10-minute presentation of your business,
products etc., followed by a short question/answer session. The cost
for co-sponsorship is $200.

Please let me know if you are interested or if I can answer any
additional questions.

Thank you for considering,

Monthly HDDC Membership Meeting
We’re now holding our monthly meeting immediately BEFORE the Wine & Design, from 4:30 – 5:00 at the location of the Wine & Design. If this will be a problem, please let us know so we can make other arrangements.

If you have any additional questions regarding hosting an event, please contact

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