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Meet Doug

Doug Wagner
Owner/Designer - ModernFab

Which business are you a part of?
MODERNFAB is a very diverse design + fabrication company with experiences that range into several areas including artistic, design, furniture and architecture fields.

How did you enter this field?
Well, growing up with an art background influenced the decision to follow my dreams and go to an Art Institute. The intense program focused on three dimensional design with fabrication and material experimentation. Now with many years of experience under my belt, I’m excited about design everyday.

Why are you interested in being a part of the HDDC?
Since recently moving to Central Oregon, I’ve been looking for a well rounded, like mind professional group that will support and influence the services that MODERNFAB have to offer. It appears that Central Oregon has developed a demand for modern design and I want to play an important role in supporting the needs for the community.

What inspires you?
EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! I’m constantly looking at materials, connections, textures, details, light, objects, nature and anything that informs or influences me as a person and designer.

What is a unique business story that demonstrates your skills?
project: 2 story interior decorative scrim wall

location: Devon Seafood Restaurant in Chicago, IL

story: Worked with designers at the Houlihan’s Restaurant corporation to design, detail and fabricate a decorative scrim wall that would extend from the bottom level upward through the main floor to the ceiling of the bar area.

Flew to Chicago during construction to confirm measurements and site conditions, then started fabrication in Kansas City. The key for success on this project was to build an adjustable element into the mounting system that would also act as a part of the design details to give the flexibility of adjustment for the installation process. Packed up, drove 800 miles to Chicago and installed the entire steel frame system with resin Lumicor sheets in 20 hours straight with myself and one other person. The project was a success because of the adjustable design that was developed and dedication of hard work to finish in one session.

What is the best advice you have given or received?
“There is no substitution for hard work”—Larry Pogue

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Scott Louis Brown said...

Fantastic design! We are lucky you decided to land in Central Oregon! Welcome