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Meet Trent

Trent Gardner

Which business are you a part of?
Slab stone design, fabrication and installation. We specialize in anything related to Natural, Quartz and Recycled glass slab stone. We work with both residential and commercial applications both new and remodel. Our projects include counters, showers, furniture, fireplaces and anything else someone could imagine.

How did you enter this field?
Through a very interesting opportunity with my business partner Rob Angelo. We were both in between fields that we had spent 7 years in. (Geology and Newspapers) Rob parents were going through a new construction, including granite counters. Long story short, we created a business plan and incorporated the company in July of 2003’. That fall we spent time apprenticing in several markets and learning our new business and by February of 2004 we were on our way.

Why are you interested in being a part of the HDDC?
I think that the group is doing the things that mean the most to the industry and are headed in the right direction related to ethics and standards. We want to be a part of creating and developing a group that represents the industry in a positive and proactive direction.

What inspires you?
Customers. The longer we are in the business, the more exposure we get to wonderful people. Each customer has a passion for their project. If we listen to their ideas and help them shape the vision they have for their home or business, some amazing designs and ideas come out of the process. Every time I see the customer realize their dream, it further inspires us to become a better company.

What is a unique business story that demonstrates your skills?
Wow, tough question. After over 1200 projects later, it’s hard to pull out 1 story that demonstrates what we do. I think the best stories would be told by our clients. From the time we stayed at a jobsite until 9pm to finish their kitchen, so that it wouldn’t delay a Christmas gathering, to the time we worked at slab shower and played with the walls so that each vein in the Rainforest marble shower would line up to the adjacent wall. Its these experiences that reflect in our commitment to customer service and high quality craftsmanship now and into the future. Each story that gets created with each project is a reflection on your next customer and their potential project.

What is the best advice you have given or received?
The best advice we’ve received is from our first client. “Customers in the building and design industry have high expectations. In order to be successful , you need to producing products that meet these high expectations in order to last." From the first project on we learned that cutting corners is not an option. The best advice I can give is a simple motto that I work under. Business is easy as long as you follow these 3 rules:
1. Great Product.
2. Great customer service.
3. Fair price.
If these 3 rules are followed, the rest of the process will fall into place.

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